Modern culture

Kenya's modern culture born out of a myriad of sources and influences, both modern and traditional, offers to the world a good and strong example of the possibility of different cultures to co-exist, interact and co-create a new and viable common culture.

Despite the many and varied influences that have shaped Kenyan society, the culture in Kenya has become truly and purely Kenyan. If there is any one thing about Kenya that gives any indication of this unique character today, it is the melding of traditional societies and culture with modern norms and values.

The modern and the traditional live here side by side, and sometimes the boundaries between the two blur and merge.

The ease with which Kenyans can adopt and adapt to new cultural influences has a long history. Kenyan culture is built on the acceptance and absorption of new and varied cultures, be they migrant nomads or sea-borne traders. The result is a culture of endless influence and yet one that is completely Kenyan in character.

Education, music, literature, theatre, cinema, television, sciences in Kenya having been based on solid and sound ground continue steadily to grow.